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Rubber Vibration Absorber
          M8, M10, M12 & M16 threads

          The asa rubber vibration absorbers are rubber metal connected parts to absorb impact loads on components as protection and to extent the life
          time. The patented solution is especially equipped for highest shear loads. An assembly system controlled by arrows on the metal parts helps to
          optimize and raise the load capability of the vibration absorber.

                                 *Smax…..maximum working distance


          order number   description        A          B          C           M          Smax         weight
                                           [mm]       [mm]      [mm]                     [mm]          [kg]
          MDGQ403008IIK  40x40x30 M8       40          30        20        M8 x 10        ± 3          0,127
          MDGQ504510IIK  50x50x45 M10      50          45        25        M10 x 12       ± 6          0,280
          MDGQ755512IIK  75x75x55 M12      75          55        37,5      M12 x 15       ± 8          0,659
          MDGQ1007516IIK  100x100x75 M16   100         75        50       M16 x 16,5      ± 9          1,920

          Load Capacities, Maximum Static Loads

                                          compression   tension   compression/shear   tension/shear   compression/shear diagonal
          order number    description
                                              F D        F Z        F DS         F ZS             F DSD
                                              [N]       [N]         [N]          [N]               [N]
          MDGQ403008IIK   40x40x30 M8        800        250        700           350               950
          MDGQ504510IIK   50x50x45 M10       2000       1450       1550          1500             2250
          MDGQ755512IIK   75x75x55 M12       4250       2250       2600          2200             3850
          MDGQ1007516IIK   100x100x75 M16   11700       8800       6900          6350             8350

          Spring Rates

                                          compression   tension   compression/shear   tension/shear   compression/shear
          order number    description
                                              C D       C Z         C DS         C ZS          diagonal C DSD
                                            [N/mm]     [N/mm]     [N/mm]        [N/mm]           [N/mm]
          MDGQ403008IIK   40x40x30 M8        267        83         233           117               317
          MDGQ504510IIK   50x50x45 M10       333        241        258           250               375
          MDGQ755512IIK   75x75x55 M12       531        281        325           275               481
          MDGQ1007516IIK   100x100x75 M16    1301       982        770           709               932

          Assembly Instructions                                                 Material

          assembly of 4 vibration absorbers::           best mounting position:      metal         zinc coated

                                                                                   elastomer       natural rubber
                                                               metal part to       working temperature   -30°C to +80°C
                                                               be loaded
           all 4 arrows have to point   fixed metal part                        Options
             towards the middle
                                                                                   stainless steel type   700h salt spray
                                                                                                   tested according
                                                                arrows points into                 ISO 12944-2
                                                                direction of load

          This data sheet shows a technical overview of our products. Please contact us if more exact information is needed. As we are constantly improving our products, their characteristics, dimensions and weights may also change,
          although we do our best to incorporate these changes, continually. The information in this data sheet is intended to be used as a first general guideline only. asa assumes no liability for any information therein, any errors, omissions,
          misprints, nor any direct or indirect damages, losses  or costs resulting therefrom. The cooling performance and the general technical values indicated in this catalogue are measured at a test bench according to asa testing
          procedures. Because there is no standardized testing procedure, tests used by other manufacturers could have different results. Due to different conditions in testing and application environments the cooling performance may also
          vary by +/- 15%. Therefore we recommend all coolers to be checked under the system operating conditions. This is also true of vibrations and mechanical stress as well as for pressure peaks and thermal stress and any other
          relevant factors.
                                                       © asa hydraulik, April 2015
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