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Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers
          E Series


          The shown performance curves were created with an oil/water ratio of 2:1 with hydraulic oil ISO VG32 at an oil inlet temperature of 60°C and a
          water inlet of 20°C. Please contact us for other technical parameters to select the optimal cooler for you.

          cooling performance                                  pressure drop

                                           ILWPL53020E                                          ILWPL53020E


                                       ILWPL70060E                                               ILWPL70060E
                                                                       ILWPL53040E   ILWPL40050E


          Mounting Brackets

          bracket order number   fits on cooler type   N   O   P   Q   S   T slot hole  bracket weight  cooler order number
                                           [mm]   [mm]   [mm]   [mm]   [mm]           [kg]    with mounted bracket
          ILWPZMON10        ILWPL10014EK    16    58    33   228   253    9 x 15      0,3     ILWPL10014EP
          ILWPZMON20        ILWPL20020EK    16    70    50   255   280    9 x 15      0,5     ILWPL20020EP
          ILWPZMON22        ILWPL22030EK    16    74    50   350   375    9 x 15      0,7     ILWPL22030EP
          ILWPZMON40        ILWPL40050EK    16    109   85   357   382    9 x 15      1,0     ILWPL40050EP
          ILWPZMON53        ILWPL53020EK    16    107   85   555   580    9 x 15      1,5     ILWPL53020EP
          ILWPZMON53        ILWPL53040EK    16    107   85   555   580    9 x 15      1,5     ILWPL53040EP
          ILWPZMON53        ILWPL53060EK    16    107   85   555   580    9 x 15      1,5     ILWPL53060EP
          ILWPZMON70        ILWPL70060EK    16    254   230   552   580   11 x 20     3,5     ILWPL70060EP

          Please contact us to select the optimal options or get further information at or .

          Please read manual before installation!

          This data sheet shows a technical overview of our products. Please contact us if more exact information is needed. As we are constantly improving our products, their characteristics, dimensions and weights may also change,
          although we do our best to incorporate these changes continually. The information in this data sheet is intended to be used as a first general guideline only. asa assumes no liability for any information therein, any errors, omissions,
          misprints, nor any direct or indirect damages, losses  or costs resulting therefrom. The cooling performance and the general technical values indicated in this catalogue are measured at a test bench according to asa testing
          procedures. Because there is no standardized testing procedure, tests used by other manufacturers could have different results. Due to different conditions in testing and application environments the cooling performance may also
          vary by +/- 15%. Therefore we recommend all coolers to be checked under the system operating conditions. This is also true of vibrations and mechanical stress as well as for pressure peaks and thermal stress and any other
          relevant factors.
                                                      © asa hydraulik, June 2015
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